How do I get my votes back?

OpCenter Users are given a limited amount of votes per Forum.  Each forum allows users 100 votes.  So that means you have 100 votes for Plotworks, 100 votes for Job Center, etc.  Some users have asked us how to get their votes back. Users have two different ways to get their votes back. OpCenter contros lone and users control the other.

When Ideas Are Closed, Votes Are Returned

When OpCenter “Closes” an idea, and the status is either “Completed” or “Declined”, votes will be returned to users. If OpCenter delete an idea, users will not get their votes back. By default, the only two closed statuses are Completed and Declined.

Note: When OpCenter “Closes” an idea, the idea will still retain its vote count even though votes have been returned to users.

Users Can Redistribute Their Votes

Sometime users don’t want to wait for their votes to be returned. They see a new idea and want to be able to vote for it right away. They actually have the option to reorganize their votes.

Users may log into OpCenter's UserVoice site. Users will see their username in the top right corner and a “Settings” link underneath. Click on the link.

Users will see their profile on the right and on the left two tabs—"My Ideas" and “Comments.”

If the User clicks on “My Ideas,” they will see a list of all the suggestions they have voted for. The blue vote button shows how many votes they have given each idea.

When Users click on the button, they’ll be given the option to change the number of votes they have given the idea or to remove their votes altogether.

This allows users to change the votes they have assigned to ideas. They can easily redistribute their votes as new ideas are shared on the Forum or if they want to add additional votes to an idea.

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