eOrder - Installation and Configuration Guide Volume 5: Plotworks Pro Integration

PlotWorks Pro Integration

Integration between eOrder and PlotWorks Pro requires specific configuration settings in both applications.

For eOrder, pfs.enabled must be set to true in the upload.properties file. This enables the creation of the "Job Tickets" folder under rootPath, and subsequent creation of unique, temporary subfolders for each order.

Each unique subfolder will contain the PlotWorks Flexible Submission (PFS) file (an ASCII job ticket), an order.xml file containing the order information, and an order.xsl file to format the display of the order.xml file. These files will be retrieved by the PlotWorks Network Polling folder, and then parsed to create a new job in a PlotWorks Job Queue. Once retrieved, these meta-data files (and the encapsulating folder) will be deleted – the original image uploaded by the customer will remain untouched.

For PlotWorks Pro, the Network Polling module must be configured to periodically poll the "Job Tickets" folder to find new jobs.
  1. Determine which PlotWorks Server hosts the Queue into which eOrder jobs should be imported.
  2. On this PlotWorks Server, launch the Network Polling module.
  3. Press the Stop button.
  4. Under Setup choose Add Directory.
  5. Set the Polling path to the UNC path of the Job Tickets folder on the server which is hosting eOrder. Use the Browse button to avoid typographical errors.
  6. Set the Queue directory to the local path to the Queue.
  7. Provide descriptive text in the Destination device field (example: From eOrder). This will enable you to quickly identify eOrder jobs in the PlotWorks Job Queue module.
  8. Enable polling must be enabled.
  9. Submit on hold should be enabled to allow operator review prior to printing.
  10. Set the Polling Mode to Mode 3.
  11. Press OK.
  12. Press the Start button.
Assuming that pfs.enabled was set to true when you placed your test orders, you should now see two new jobs (one for each of the previous two tests), on hold, in the PlotWorks Job Queue.

To view the ordering information from the PlotWorks Job Queue, you may perform any of the following:
  • Left-click on the blue circle with the letter "I" inside (to the left of the job number)
  • Right-click on any job and choose View > Job Information
  • Select any job and choose Job > View > Job Information from the main menu
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