Job Center Training Series Volume 16: The Feedback and Support Buttons

Job Center has two buttons on the bottom right, Feedback and Support.

Feedback Button

The feedback button will take you to our Uservoice Feedback Forum page.  This page is a tool we have provided to our customer base that allows them to publish new ideas, vote on existing ideas, and leave feedback about all of our products.

Support Button

The support button will take you to our main contact page for Product Support.  You will be prompted to fill out a short support request form, and that form will be sent to OpCenter's Support Team as soon as it is submitted.

If you have any further questions/comments, please contact OpCenter's technical support team at the below contact information.

 |  | 
2300 Clarendon Boulevard

Suite 250, Box 29
Arlington, VA 22201-3367 USA

+1.703.740.8909 x3
+1.800.444.7568 x3

+1.703.740.8909 x2
+1.800.444.7568 x2


+1.703.995.4398 (fax)

Feedback and Knowledge Base