Job Center Training Series Volume 15: Most Common Practices for the Existing Fields within Job Center

Job Center can be a very useful tool serving many different purposes.

Customers use Job Center in their Black and White Reprographics departments, Color Graphics Departments, and even Machine Service Departments.

Many customers ask us how other customers are using Job Center to fit their specific needs.  Well, here are a few examples:

Customer A

This customer uses two installations of Job Center, one for their Color Department, and one for their B/W Repro department.  The databases are kept separately, as the departments are on two separate floors of their office.  The Graphics Department uses the Project Field as a list of all of the different types of jobs they can produce.  Flat bed printing, mounting and laminating, large format color printing, canvas printing, etc.  For each type of job they have the ability to produce, there is a separate project.  This helps them in the long run by having the ability to sort by the project name and grouping specific jobs together to save on Media, and Production Time.  Also, this helps them to easily see what type of job is in the system and when it is due.

Customer B

This customer uses Job Center for their production department, color and B/W.  They use the reference # field as the PO# or Job Name on an order.  They use the Project Field as the type of job, and how it came into the building.  For example: Email/Website Upload, Courier Drop Off, Front Counter Drop Off, Incoming Fax Order, or any other type of job they would receive.  This allows them to sort the project field and also quickly see how an order came into the system.

Customer C

This customer uses Job Center specifically for their Machine Repair department.  They use Account Instructions field for the serial # of the machine in question, and use the reference # field for the customer account #.  They use the order instructions as the description of the problem on the machine as well.  They also use the Project field as a way to track the level of the service call.  Examples are: 4 hour rush, 8 hour standard, 12 hour out of town, and 1 hour machine down.  This helps them to dispatch service techs into the field and manage incoming service calls.

Customer D

This customer uses Job Center in their B/W department as well.  They use the Description field to enter the persons name who placed the order.  This allows many different people to input orders and leads to less confusion on who put the order into the system.  If an operator has a question about an order, they can look at the description field and see who placed the order so they know where to go to ask questions.

We hope these examples have helped you to better manage your data and use Job Center to your specifications.

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